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Sep 15

With historically low interest rates a current topic of conversation, many clients are asking the question: Do we fix our loan or is it better to have a variable rate? Which loan is right for me? Well, that all depends on your circumstances. Variable and fixed loans have their advantages and disadvantages so it’s imperative […]

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Aug 15

… and it’s not necessarily a six figure salary! Did you know that your skill and experience in managing a tight budget could make you a better property investor than some big spending high income earners? We often meet people who are hooked on the good life: living in expensive suburbs, fancy cars, frequent dining […]

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Jul 15

Many of our clients are keen to understand what influences their borrowing power and how they can improve their borrowing capacity to be a step closer to their next home or investment property. Did you know that your credit card limit directly impacts the amount you can borrow? With a simple change it can also […]

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Jun 15

With the ongoing concerns about increasing property prices, home ownership , the cost of living, and small or no wage increase , the question that continues to come up in general conversation is ‘how will our children ever enter the property market?’ Did you know that approximately 28% of our Australian population at any time […]

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May 15

Your superannuation is one of the most important, not to mention tax efficient, ways to save for the most rewarding stage of your life – retirement. Unfortunately, almost half of Australians aged between 45 and 64 do not feel confident they have adequate funds to do what they want in retirement. Having the right plans […]

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Apr 15

Changes to property investment loans in Australia have dominated finance news over the past few months. Barely a week goes by without yet another financial institution announcing changes to their investment loan interest rates or lending criteria. So what does this mean for YOU, a current or potential consumer of finance products? Well if feedback […]

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Mar 15

Getting a clear idea of your financial situation and arranging finance ahead of time can save you unnecessary headaches later on and let you focus your energies on house hunting. In a market of greater credit history scrutiny, it is now even more important to have your financial situation fully assessed before placing your home […]

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Feb 15

It is not uncommon in the world of finance to find out many years later that the home loan that was set up for you wasn’t actually followed through as intended with the lending institution. We have all heard of lenders over charging interest every now and then, some accumulating to a few thousand dollars. […]

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