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Personal and Car Loans

Personal and car loans

  • Would you like access to money for a large purchase, without paying credit card rates?
  • Would you like control over when and how much you pay back, so you can minimise your interest payments?
  • Would you like to consolidate all of your debts into one single loan, to minimise fees, and provide simplicity and one single loan repayment?

There are many benefits in taking out a personal loan to purchase a big ticket item like a car, caravan or to pay for renovations.

While many people think of putting this expense on a credit card, or adding this extra money to a home loan, another option is to take out a personal loan. By doing this, you have access to much cheaper interest rates than a credit card, and you have a set loan arrangement to help you pay back the money as quickly as possible, therefore reducing your interest payments and giving you greater control.

At Energise Home Loans, we have access to some great personal loan rates, and can help you to find the best loan to meet your individual needs. A personal loan can also usually be approved quite quickly, to allow you to make your purchase without delay.

By speaking to an Energise Home Loans mortgage broker, we can assist you to work out the difference for you in taking out a personal loan, versus the cost for borrowing the same money through a credit card or your mortgage. You’ll be surprised at the difference that different choices can make.

Once we’ve agreed on the best loan to meet your individual needs, we can then assist you with the entire borrowing process, making this smooth, quick and easy for you.

Contact us for a discussion about your needs, and we will be pleased to find a solution that’s perfect for you.


  • L. Evers
    “Cheers Brian Rusten at Energise Home Loans. Guiding us and getting us the best loan package/rates out there!! Thank you mate.” L. Evers
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